step 3

Step 3: Starting the Paper


Now that you have picked a group, you and your members should have read Stoker’s novel, Dracula and viewed several resources put the forth in this web quest. You have also completed the image task, which should connect you to the setting of the Dracula. If you and your group have gotten to this point, you are ready to start your final project, which is creating your article or essay for a newspaper. Since all the groups have different article topics, I will put the articles together to produce one edition and print the newspaper for the entire class to read and share.

Once all the papers have been distributed we will than begin our writing workshop where all of us becomes editors of each other’s works. I will then print out a final newspaper with the image your group has selected or drawn for our final paper.



Some helpful hints for your group:



Please loot at the evaluation link to see what I will be looking for evaluates.



Set goals and deadlines.



Assign roles (researcher, editor, writer, etc.)



Proof read your work.


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