step 2

Step 2: Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words!

Indeed they are. Photos bring you closer to the subject in ways that words can’t. However, it is important to remember that another person selected what to include in the photograph, what not to include, and what specific frame was to be published or displayed.

General Questions when examining a picture

  • Identify the image

a. Is there a caption? Title? Anything written with the image?

b. Where did the image come from?

c. What is/are the subject(s) of the picture?

  • Reason for the poster maker

a. Why was it taken? Who for?

b. Is there a theme being represented? Specific event? What is it?

c. What is the photographer trying to convey to the viewer?

  • Components of the image

a. Examine all of the subjects, colors (if a color image), and sections of the image. Is there significance for these elements? What?

b. Is the photograph organized into parts? Does the background and foreground have different meanings?

  • Effectiveness of the image. Is there a clear message?

a. Does the photograph tell a story? Pose new questions?

b. Is it useful in making inferences, deductions, or generalizations about the subjects?

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