step 1

Online Resources

You and your group members will eventually create a newspaper relating to Dracula. You will have to reference the novel in someway and new information from the following websites. These websites allow for a more in depth look into the setting of Dracula. Some of the following resources will include articles from previous news papers, movies, posters, tourism resources. To ensure that this task was completed, you will turn in a review on a lest 3 online resources; this should be 4-5 sentences long for each review. The review should be a short summary of the entire website.

Dracula websites:

Dracula movie posters:

Dracula stamps:

Dracula between hero and vampire:

Count Dracula:

Dracula literature:

Vlad the Impaler:

Vlad the Impaler:

Here are the following groups and examples of their task!

A cover story (i.e., description, or something major from the novel)

An economic page (including an analyze of the economy of Transylvania in that period or how influenced the book the economy of the country).

A restaurant/food review (i.e., should include what type of food was popular at that time in Transylvania region).

An advertising page – make an AD for the book, or for your library.

A…Dear X…page (counseling page)

step 2


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