Folklore and myths form a considerable part of modern popular culture that makes a parallel between present and past in the life of a particular nation. Cultural and literal role of myths is incredible as they carry the histories of past, making people’s chronicles sound more exciting, tempting and mysterious. Some of these “stories” are very “realistic” due to relevance to events that occurred in past and that were historically marked.

One of these universal semi-myths is known in every single country and it had received continuation in various forms. It’s more of a real-life-legend that has touched hearts of millions, sowing horror and fear in their souls through the assumption of its possibility. Bram Stroker’s “Dracula” is literal embodiment of human fears about evil powers and an outstanding reflection of author’s perception of the world. There is hardly a person who does not know the name “Dracula” or does not at least associate it with vampires.








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